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  We are a group of people from a variety of backgrounds and together we form a church family whose goals for spiritual growth are met by worshipping, studying, praying and serving one another. We would love to share our joy with you!

November 5th Worship: With Every Tribe and Tongue

When he saw the gathered congregation he asked: “Who are these people wearing white robes?” –The elder in Revelation 7:13

The robe is optional in our congregational dress code policy.  Actually, we don’t have a dress code policy which is another way of saying you can wear a robe if you want…or not.

Truth be told, most Sundays, when we gather, nobody is wearing a white robe.   It’s just not a common item in our wardrobes today.  But someday it will come back in fashion.

On Sunday we remember the saint who have gone before us and continue to support us in our journey through life.  And we learn about the white robes and all the people who will don them.

Join us in worship.  Bring your memories of the people who have encouraged your faith.  Come prepared to encounter the risen and living Lord.


Warning: Showing Up in Church May Mess with Your Life

We do our best to make church as painless as possible.  But God still shows up. The Holy Spirit squeezes in a mind-messing message here and there, a glimpse of the narrow path which leads to the strange and paradoxical life in Christ.  That is, we gain life by losing it, we experience joy when we take up our cross, we experience more of God’s mercy when we extend our own to those who wrong us.

Come and see, but be ready!  God has been known to show up and make life changing demands in the most mundane places, like Presbyterian worship services, Bible studies and even coffee hours.  God has been known to speak to people who were ready to retire and invite them on long journeys and new projects.   God has been known to nudge the young into paths of service that befuddle their elders and challenge their identity.  Come and see.  God is not done with any of us.