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  We are a group of people from a variety of backgrounds and together we form a church family whose goals for spiritual growth are met by worshipping, studying, praying and serving one another. We would love to share our joy with you!

October 5th Worship: God’s Invitation

Jesus never hesitated to share a meal or feed the hungry.  He ate with social outcasts and sinners.  He dined at tables with the wealthy.  Indeed, stories are told of times when Jesus appears but is unrecognized until he breaks bread.  This Sunday we remember the conviviality of Jesus with a meal at a table.  It is our hope that through the Spirit of God we will experience true connection with the risen Christ and one another as we celebrate communion.  Join us: there’s always room for one more!

Warning: Showing Up in Church May Mess with Your Life

We do our best to make church as painless as possible.  But God still shows up. The Holy Spirit squeezes in a mind-messing message here and there, a glimpse of the narrow path which leads to the strange and paradoxical life in Christ.  That is, we gain life by losing it, we experience joy when we take up our cross, we experience more of God’s mercy when we extend our own to those who wrong us.

Come and see, but be ready!  God has been known to show up and make life changing demands in the most mundane places, like Presbyterian worship services, Bible studies and even coffee hours.  God has been known to speak to people who were ready to retire and invite them on long journeys and new projects.   God has been known to nudge the young into paths of service that befuddle their elders and challenge their identity.  Come and see.  God is not done with any of us.