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  We come from many backgrounds and form a community striving for spiritual growth through worship, study, prayer and serving Jesus.  We would love to share our joy with you.  Join us for worship at 9:30 am on Sunday.

March 8: Shaking Jesus Awake

One time Jesus was in the boat with the disciples.  They were rowing across the lake.  That is, the disciples were rowing, Jesus was sleeping.  A storm came up, the boat took on water, the disciples were sure they were done for as they cried out, then kicked his foot then finally shook the snoozing savior until he awoke.  What does this story have to do with us and with the hard times in our lives?  We explore more on Sunday at 9:30.


Spotlight on Jubilee Food Pantry

Aurora Presbyterian Church is happy to partner with the Jubilee Food Pantry run by Andy and Serenity Coloumbe.  This is more than a hand-out institution.  Andy & Serenity inspire us with their vision of enlarging community and fostering relationships across socio-economic barriers.  On March 8 we are collecting non-perishables goods at our Sunday Pantry Potluck.  Whether you come to eat at APC on the 8th or not, follow this link to learn more about Jubilee Food Pantry!